Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Sunday

Mom, dad and I went for a car ride today and I took them PetSmart. We had a great time there as it was dachshund adoptions day. Aunt Bergetta (where my doggie mom and dad live) also breeds dachshunds so I spent my first six weeks with them. I was quite happy to go and say hello and do a little snuffle talking. Mom got a little sad though, one of the dachshunds had wheels instead of back legs, it certainly didn't stop him wizzing around. Mom also met Freddie - he was a very old dachshund and she said you could tell by just looking in his eyes that all he wanted was a cuddle and to be held. She wondered why such an old dachshund was up for adoption. We also had a look at the cats, the fish and checked out the all the new leads and collars. Oh, and mom made me wear that silly hat.....everyone said how cute I was but I wasn't very impressed.

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