Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What to do when it's hot

It's already 93 degrees and sooooo hot. I have been snoozing the morning away on my favorite vents, it feels so good when the cool air blows through my fur. My human mom was rather surprised to find I had learned how to completely open the vent by myself! These paws are not just for walking on you know!!! On days like this, spread out on the slate floor - across the vent, is the ONLY place to be......unless my mom is scrap booking then I am in the art room - spread out on the vent, or if she's in the kitchen, then I am on the kitchen vent and at night time, I am on the bedroom vent.......boy ! do I have all the good spots in my house sussed out!!! Oh, mom also bought me a cool bed, its like a water bed and is all squishy. She thought I would like it, but I really am not keen on it........I am a just a vent dog at heart! Mom has been also been working on some scrap book pages for me...she can't help herself, I am just so photogenic!!!!

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  1. Hi Reilly,

    Thanks for leaving your blog address so that I could check out your blog too! I hate the heat too but mom is too cheap to run the a/c much - I have to settle for cooling off with the hose! I envy you for your vents!


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