Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reilly Words

Mom came across this cool website that lets you enter words, then it jumbles them up to make these neat little signs. Of coarse she had to do one about me and she is going to use it one one of those scrapbook page things she spends a lot of time doing. Mom hasn't been well today, that thing called arthritis has been really hurting her. That is when she needs me the most. I will snuggle up next to her and let her stroke my head and that seems to make her feel better. We went for a little walk in the field this morning, she let me run and just waited as it was hard for her to walk, but I had a good time sniffing and I even chased a ground squirrel back down into it's hole. They are very cute but they do like to dig. We have some that have dug under the concrete by our back step and the cheeky little things even drink out of MY outside water dish!!! I chase them back into their holes when ever I see them.
This afternoon I did four miles on my treadmill, I love trotting along on that. Mom thought this was a funny photo because my feet looked like they were going really fast. They weren't though because mom only sets it to a nice walking pace. Well, I need to get back to mom......she needs to pat me some more......hope you all had a great day.


  1. Hi Reilly! I didn't think shelties could come in white! The Mum here loves white collies... and wishes one would come to live with us. But I don't know why because I'm the prettiest collie ever and I like being sable!

    I'm going to learn to do agility and obedience and fun stuff and it's nice to meet you, I love to play with shelties!

  2. Take care of your Dog Mom Reilly. We don't have any ground squirrel's by us. We have lizards, toads and stuff like that. Dad likes petting us every now and again.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Woof Reilly

    We really like your blog, you have very nice pictures. Hope you Mom gets to feeling better. Our Mom says to tell her use a heating pad and a handful of Ibprofen, washed down with a cold beer.
    Desert Pups here just saying woof.

    Woof, woof
    Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life Inside The Fence

  4. hey tatum......nice to meet you. Yes, there are white shelties. We are not that common but we are around. We occur when two shelties carry a white recessive gene, like my mom and dad did. We can be registered with the AKC, but we are not allowed to be shown......which I think is discrimination....but what's a pup to do!!!

    hey too desert pups glad you could visit too....I do so enjoy new friends. Mom says she doesn't need a heating pad when she has me nearby.....I am one hot puppy!!!!


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