Monday, July 28, 2008

Another day

Mom and I went for a walk this morning, the wind was blowing and is wasn't quite as hot as it has been. We went a different way today and the grass was very long, in fact so long I could hide in it!! Of coarse, I just had to jump in it...what I didn't know was that all those grass seeds would stick to my fur - how bothersome was that! When we got home mom had to give me an extra long brushing to make sure there wasn't any of those seeds hiding. That is the one draw back to all this fur, it is like being a swiffer duster on legs......and mom is always telling me "to leave the garden outside". What she means is, I like to lay on the pine bark to soak up a little sun in the morning, but when I get up and come inside there is often pine bark stuck to my fur and mom is always picking it up off the carpet. Here I am after I had my brushing. I also found the neatest blog today while doing a little paw surfing. It is Latte's blog and there was some of the best recipes there for we four legged's. Yum yum, mom wrote down some of the recipes and she is going to make some for me to try this afternoon - that also means an extra mile on the treadmill to work those calories off..... but it's worth it!!!!!! I will let you know what I think of them tomorrow. Woof woof to all!


  1. We know about pine needles and seeds of the weed. As for recipies, Dog Dad sisters got him a doggie treat cookbook. We'll have to do a post on the dog cookie cutters.

    Essex & Deacon

  2. Hi Reilly! Pleased to sniff you. :)
    You cow spots are way too cool, awesome. My human mummy exclaimed, "So lovely!!" when she saw your pictures.

    Definitely adding you to our blogroll, hope you would too. :)


  3. Love your photo! Reilly, you are a beautiful Sheltie!

  4. Aawwww guys, you are making me blush and when I blush my white fur turn pink!!!!!!

  5. Woof Woof to you too! You look so good in that picture!

  6. What a beautiful photograph of a beautiful dog!


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