Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Friends and Scrapbooking

Hey hey hey.....I do love it when new friends drop by so welcome to Key West Collies -Essex and Deacon. Mom says collies look a lot like me only bigger. Actually a lot of people mistake me for a collie because I am rather bigger then a regular sheltie. Mom says it because I come from a good working stock gene - what ever that means! I thought jeans were just something you had a good scratch against and a place to leave all that itchy loose hair! Yesterday we got up early and went for our normal walk and it was soooooo great. Mom actually trusts me now, and when we reach the field behind our house she lets go of the lead and I can just run and run. I always come back when she whistles though - that was the deal. I could only run if I come back when called. Moms can be very strict sometimes! We practiced for about a week first before she really trusted me. Mom would take my extra long lead (30 feet) and let me run on that and she would whistle for me to come and when I did and sat by her feet, she had some Zukes treats. The last few days we have been practicing without the lead. She was very impressed with me because even when I saw a bunny and wanted to chase it .....when she whistled I still came back. Mom is not one to be messed with so I came running and it helps that she has those yummy little treats !!!!! The rest of the day was very humid so mom decided to make some scrapbook pages for other humans with furry buddies. Of coarse I supervised (from under the table while laying on the air conditioning vent). I gave her the paws up though on each one and think she did a pretty good job, although they would look better with MY picture on them!!!


  1. Reilly, you have our permission to use some of our photos. We would suggest our post from July 07 from Deacon's Barkday. We send the photo of us wearing Barkday Hats to our cyber-paw pals. We would also like you to have a copy of our Collie Blessing, you can find that in our March 08 Post "Hello Emmy." We would have e-barked you those two, but don't have an e-bark address.

    We do like your site and appreciate your warm welcome.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon

  2. Mom uses a 30' long line on me too, but I don't listen to her 100% of the time - some times I just want to keep smelling or whatever, and don't stop to come when she calls (even when she has Zukes in her pocket!). So maybe one day mom will trust me, but not yet! We had a great walk in the park yesterday and I did listen to her all the time!


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