Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Friends

I wanted to share a picture of my new blog buddies Deacon and Essex. My mom says they are Collie Dogs......they look like big shelties to me!!!!! Mom loves collies too, and her brother use to breed them back in Australia. Mom was very happy today, she sold some of her painted items which meant I got to help with packing. I am an expert at scrunching paper and towsing with it so when she got it ready to pack the items, I pounced!!! I did a very good job of shredding it for her....but for some reason she didn't seem to appreciate it and had to get that vacuum monster out to suck up all my little bits I had carefully spread all over the carpet. Then I had to crawl inside that big box.....but you know when you hear that one word said in that certain tone "REEEIIILLLLY" that you had better sit back and give the mom the beautiful sad eyes look. It works every time - well almost!!! Anyway, she got it all boxed up then we went to the post office over at the air force base. I like going there and today the guard patted me and said what a cutie I was......oh shucks!!! as if I didn't already know! I guarded the car while mom went in and sent the box away. Then we drove back home again. It is very humid again today so I think I will go around the house checking that all the air conditioning vents are working. An hour snoozing on each should be enough time to tell unless of coarse mom wants me to play fetch with her....I could probably rouse myself enough for that.


  1. Gee, the guards at the Navy Base sometimes pat us on the head too. Angel Paws is on the Navy Base. Dad retired from the Air Force, so he can get on base.

    Essex & Deacon

  2. My dad is retired navy and that's why we can go on the base. We like to go and do laps around the parade ground too, it has lots of big old shady trees and it so pretty. I even woofed at a 5 star general one day!!!!!

  3. Hey Essex and Deacon are my collie friends too and they are very pretty too!


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