Saturday, July 12, 2008

Left Behind

Mom and dad decided to go to a place called "The Zoo" and sadly they couldn't take me as it's a human place only - which is discrimination if you ask me, but what's a pup to do? Mom saw this creature - called a lemur, it was just vegging on a log and she said it reminded her of me. I wish I could have met it, as I do like it's fur and coloring and I bet it smelt different too. I don't really understand why there are so many "human only" places and I wish there were more Reilly friendly places - at least I know we can go to the park together and I am looking forward to that. Mom did make up for it though, before they left she made me a special treat. I had a marrow bone which she had cooked for me and then she stuffed the center with cooked chicken - gosh I am almost slobbering just blogging about it. It did keep me occupied as it wasn't easy getting that yummy chicken out of the middle.

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