Friday, July 18, 2008

A car ride day

I had myself quite a busy morning. My human sister has some car trouble - she ran out of gas!!!! How silly was that!!!! Dad got some gas and put in it but it wouldn't start so he called some place called the "AAA" to come and tow it to a repair place. That all happened last night. This morning I had supervise mom and sister and make sure they went to the right place. They quoted way to much for the repairs so we had to go to some other places and ask for these 'quotes' things. Anyway, sis finally found a good place and then she had to get the car towed from one place to the other. Of coarse I was making sure everything was right......after all, cars are very important to me, they take me to the park and the pet store so my humans need them specifically for this purpose. Then we had to take sis to work and finally we came home and I could relax and spread out on my nice cool vent. You know, I really wonder sometimes how my humans would cope if I wasn't there to organize them.

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