Saturday, July 26, 2008

A doggies dreams

Mom and Dad went to look at RV's today, they are not going to buy one, they just wanted to look at one and dream a little. Personally I think they should get one, that would be like the biggest on going car ride in history!!!! Wow wow wow.....would I ever love that. I dream of visiting lots of places. Of coarse I wouldn't have a yard to run in but just think of all of the cool parks we could go to, all the wonderful smells and the other doggies I could meet. We could go to that place called 'the beach' that mom is always talking about. She grew up near the beach and misses the salt air. I don't know what that is, but mom says it smells so good. My goodness I can't stop my tail wagging with excitement just at the thought of it. Mom really liked this one RV called the Melbourne, not only because it was a really cool RV and has lots of room, but is was named Melbourne which in the capital city of Victoria, a state back in Australia. Mom actually lived there for about 7 years. Mom says there was a perfect spot for my bed under the table and a big comfortable seat for me too complete with a latch for my harness to snap on to. The only drawback is there are no air condition vents on the floor, mom says they are all in the roof. I could live with that though. I guess sometimes we doggies and humans can share the same dreams.


  1. Mom was just talking yesterday about how great it would be to have a camper - but with the price of campers and the price of gas, she knew she was just dreaming too!

  2. Between 5 and 8 miles to the gallon is what the human told mom this camper gets....that would cost of lot of boxes of cookies to keep running!


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