Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh boy, it rained last night....which means it cooled it down this morning and I was able to get mom outside for some exercise. My favorite outside toy is my blue tuggy. It is a rope with a blue heart shaped rubber handle and mom and I play this game where she throws it away and I go and get it. Here I am, waiting first (you must admit I am one handsome guy!!!) then concentrating of the tug watching as mom grabs it from under my nose (that is part of the game too - I pretend not to let her have it) then mom throws it and I am a speeding fuzzy furball. I pick it up and I am off around the garden with it. I LOVE this game.....we played for about half an hour and then we played frisbee for a while and then we played with tuggy again. After I cooled down we went for a car ride....I LOVE car rides !!!!!!!! Mom took me to the pet store and gosh that was fun too. I got lots of pats, free cookies and YES, I showed off a little and did some of my tricks for the humans. For some reason they really seem to like it when I do that. Of coarse everyone said how beautiful I was!!!! To top the morning off, I took mom for a walk and we went to see Franklin, he is my buddy that lives two houses away and he is a corgi. He is very old so we just lay down together and do doggy snuffle talk. My other buddy is called Buddy and he is a rat terrier. My goodness he is one hyper pup.........he just bounds and bounces like a spring and I get tired just watching him!!!!! So I have had a great day and I hope you all do too.


  1. hey buddy,

    welcome to - it is great to meet you, and I am sure you will make lots of new friends here :)



  2. I love to play tug, ride in the car and go to the pet store too!


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