Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooo hooo.......I am 1 year old today, time seems to have flown by. Mom got up really early while it was cool so we could go for a long birthday walk. And because it's my birthday she let me have the run of the lead, so I could stop and sniff at trees, light poles and everything. Normally we are in training mode and I walk 'politely' by her side but today I was in sniffy heaven. I got to see a bunny and barked and woofed at it. I also met some other dogs and we snuffled talked and I just had the best time. When we came home I "vent sitted" for a while to cool off then mom gave me a big brushing as we were going to Petsmart. Oh, and mom made me wear this silly hat while she took some photos. Dad, mom and I then got in the I love car rides and off we went to Petsmart. I told everyone it was my birthday and I got extra cookies!!!! Dad bought me this cute little back pack for my birthday. We are going to a place called "The Rocky Mountains" in says it's a long way and we will stay in a hotel overnight when we get half way there. It took dad a while to find a good furry friendly place to stay, but he did. Mom says in the mountains there is lots of places to walk and we will be staying in a cabin right by the lake and have it all to ourselves. Best of all, there will not be not one of those noisy boxes that dad stares at for there will be LOTS of Reilly time. I was so proud of my backpack I wore it all around the store and everyone said how cute I looked. Then we came home and dad and I went to play tug outside. I love it when dad plays tug. Mom has this thing called 'arthritis' and it makes it hard for her to play tug, but dad really towzers with me and that it the best!!! Of coarse mom had to take more photo's.


  1. Happy Birthday, Reilly! I am jealous of your backpack and your upcoming trip to the Rockies! Sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a good birthday!

  2. Thank you Ricky. I have has the best day any sheltie could ask for!


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