Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A walk at the lake

Even though it's very hot today, I decided to take my human to the lake, she likes to go there for some 'time out' as she calls it. She finds her favorite bench under a big old shady tree, right near the waters edge, closes her eyes and lets out a big sigh. Me, oh boy I am sniffen here there and everywhere - there are just so many great smells. I don't know why the humans don't appreciate this more - maybe because its harder for their noses to reach the ground ! After a while I came back to keep her company and of coarse being the shutter bug she is, she just had to take a couple of pic. I just gave her that standard looks when all of a sudden I heard this really strange noise that I had never heard before. Man, my head swung round and I thought "What was that?" Human laughed and said, "it's okay, i's just a bullfrog" Of coarse I had no idea what this we got up and went exploring and right there, just close to the shore was this big old ugly brown thing sitting on a branch and just as I reached my nose out it made that noise again a dog gone nearly scared me to death. I just had to bark madly at it then and it jumped in the water and disappeared. I will have to warn my friends in the neighborhood about that thing for I am sure it was actually some kind of lake monster. Sadly though, most of my friends in my neighborhood probably won't ever get to see it, or even the lake for that matter as their humans don't take them anywhere! I am so lucky my human loves me so much and needs my company as she rarely goes anywhere without taking me along.

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