Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We are healthy for you

There are many reasons why we like to be with our humans, but one that often goes unrecognized is the health benefits. Personally, I just adore my human, she loves me, takes care of me.....and yes occasionally spoils me. In return I help her.......she isn't always well and having me around helps keep her calm. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) now recognizes our contribution and a lot of information can be found on their website here

Health Benefits of Pets

Most households in the United States have at least one pet. Why do people have pets? There are many reasons. Some of the health benefits of pets are listed below.

Pets can decrease your:

Blood pressure
Cholesterol levels
Triglyceride levels
Feelings of loneliness

Pets can increase your:

Opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities
Opportunities for socialization

So why not sit down with your fur baby - big or small and have a relaxing pat and cuddle, you health will thank you for it,

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