Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sheltie Magic and Good Grief

I was on Josh and Jess's blog yesterday and they were saying how much it has been raining over there in NZ. I asked them if I could share some rain as my lawn is starting to look very brown. Well guess poured this morning!!!! How is that for a little Sheltie magic. It hasn't rained here in weeks and weeks and this was really not expected, but mom loved it. She took this photo but it doesn't show up very well - the water was going the road like a river! Of coarse there is no way I am going step foot out in that wet stuff, but it will make my grass nice and green and soft and that does make me happy.

Now, I can not believe mom made me 'model' this. Good grief mom !!!!!! what will the other guys think. I did make her promise to put only a small image on by blog. Mom was a little bored this morning and decided to make Tatum Tot (the pink princess) her own little tiara/crown. I think she will look very cute in it.......BUT I DON'T MOM!!!!! I am probably going to have to go into doggie counseling to overcome the trauma of wearing pink, even if it was only for 3.7 seconds! Mom did give me an extra cookie for modeling so I guess it is okay. Hmmmm NO IT'S NOT - IT'S PINK AND GIRLY and I don't look good in it!!! The things we pupsters have to do to keep our moms happy.


  1. OH MY GOSH IS THAT FOR ME!!!??? It's gorgerous! You look kinda funny in it, not being a girl, and anyway it really should be for me 'cause I love pink and I need a tiara!!! Oooo I'm excited!


  2. Can't beat a little Sheltie magic, eh? I'm glad that your lawn is looking nice and green again. The sun has come out here, too and it may even stay sunny over the weekend, yippieh! I vomited again last night, but it was just a big fur ball that got stuck in my throat, yikes!

  3. hey tatum
    can you email an address to send your tiara too?

  4. Hey J&J
    Wooooppppppeeeee some sunshine for you guys to go play in. Being stuck inside is never fun even though it looks like you have a lovely home. Maybe your mom can take you up to the lookout again and you can have a run.

    Those fur balls don't sound like fun to play with.... maybe your mom needs to get bigger ones so you don't swallow it next time :) :) :)

  5. Now Reilly, think of all the times your Mom did silly things just to make YOU modelng an elegant pink tiara for just under 4 seconds should be OK...for her! And I'm sure she thanks you for the rain too. By the way, you are adorable! :) (I am on vacation, but at my brother's house for one day and he has internet!)

  6. Hi.

    It's nice to meet you too. It finally rained here today. My lawn has been brown & prickly for
    weeks. It's hard on the paws.

    Love Ruby

  7. Reilly you sure wer in the pink that day. Glad you got some rain.

    Essex & Deacon


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